Paul Bargiel is every lawyer's best "secret" weapon. His research skills allow you to have a thorough understanding of the law before you make your case. His elegant writing simplifies complex concepts into streamlined clarity. Should you be foolish enough to try your case without him, his appellate skills may be able to save you. His insight into your client, opponent and judge are razor sharp and help you fashion your arguments to suit the situation. Like American Express, never leave home without Paul at your side.

- Joy M. Feinberg, Senior Partner at Boyle & Feinberg, P.C.

Paul Bargiel is in a class of lawyers by himself. Putting aside his vast experience at every level of every court in the county, his common sense approach to cases is second to none. Paul has the ability to dissect cases very much like a skilled surgeon. Nothing seems to rattle or deter him from doing what is in the best interests of his clients. He is as persuasive a legal writer as you'll find, something that is all too uncommon these days. He lives and breathes the law, but does so with a healthy dose of "real life" as well. I would trust my own case to Paul and would recommend him to anyone without reservation. You will not find a finer lawyer anywhere.

- Michael G. DiDomenico, Partner at at Lake Toback

I have known Paul for many years and worked as co-counsel with him to great results on difficult cases. He combines scholarship, practicality, compassion and commitment in representing his clients. I still consult with him on a regular basis and would never hesitate to refer a client to him.

- Dorene Marcus, Senior Partner at Davis Friedman

Paul Bargiel is that rare attorney who formulates creative and pointed legal strategies based on his extensive legal knowledge.

- Scott C. Colky, Senior Partner at Scott C. Colky & Assoc.

Every product that has come out of your office exudes professionalism, the likes of which I have never seen. Our continued relationship is essential to my firm. With you at the helm, we have made some pretty important case law.

- Alan D. Hoffenberg, Senior Partner at Hoffenberg & Block

Having shared an office with Paul for nearly 30 years, I know first-hand that he represents his clients with unmatched honesty and integrity.

- Charles F. Marino, Senior Partner at Law Offices of Charles F. Marino


I met Paul after an 8 year divorce battle in the Chicago court system. My first attorney had botched up my case and Paul defended me successfully through several attempts to further extract money from me. He has proven to be extraordinarily resourceful and effective, plus a thoughtful communicator to explain bewildering (to me) legal issues. He is a master strategist with a command for the legal issues that gets the job done ahead of deadlines and within budget. Paul's capabilities have resulted in his pre-eminent position in the appeals court and I highly recommend him for the best result possible.

- Bruce N., Chairman

I was forced to look for an appellate attorney when my ex-wife decided to appeal the court's ruling in our divorce. As I sought out references from other attorneys, Paul Bargiel's name kept coming up. I hired Paul and he did an outstanding job representing me. We won on literally every issue raised by my ex-wife in her appeal. Paul is not only smart but also savvy in understanding how appellate judges react to various arguments. Paul was a pleasure to work with and he always responded to my telephone calls and emails in a timely fashion. I felt as if Paul always had my best interests at heart and I could not be more pleased with the end result.

- Jeffrey G., President